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Healing Arts


Provided by Roger Whidden

Roger Whidden (founder and President of WSFI) offers private therapy sessions in Shiatsu (Oriental Acupressure), Qi Gong, Reiki, Yoga, Taiji, Karate, and Meditation. (see other bios).

Roger began Shiatsu in 1986 at the Kushi Institute as a part of a M.A. at Lesley College. Roger also studied privately with David Sergel (senior student of Master Shiatsuist Shizuto Masanaga) developing a continuous practice in Boston since 1988. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (see other bio) taught him Qi Gong Massage. Reiki has been a recent addition to his repertoire, though he has used his natural energy healing and capabilities with his children and pets for many years.
 $60 per hour


We understand the immense influence that our food industry has upon our eating behaviors. The promotion of poor nutrition, impulse eating, and stress-filled consumption make healthy eating difficult. We are aware that poor dietary choices can contribute to a host of behavioral and bodily disease states.

We know that assuming personal responsibility for proper nutrition can be a corner stone for a healthy way of life. Therefore, I have joined my friends and Whidden School of Fitness, Inc. in declaring myself to be a "Healthy Eater". I may also work with my family, school, helping professionals and work environment to create "Healthy Eating Areas".


  1. Voluntary
  2. Create own guidelines
  3. No "Food Police" allowed

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