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The Arts for Art Sakes

She is silent as she searches her soul for the sounds that may make sense. Though quite intelligent and well versed at being in touch with her inner wisdom, the words are a bit awkward in winding their way out. The theater director alludes to personal experiences in her past. Directing family plays, awarding “granny prizes”, playing Granny, acting as a couch potato, imitating TV shows, sketching sketchy sketches and most anything theatrical that fostered the craft of creativity was her proclivity. The Plimouth State Theater major graduate then speaks of theater as a way of collaborating to produce a product that is more than the sum of its parts. Personally, this person parleys that playing through parts in plays has produced a powerful application to seizing opportunities in the play of life. Specifically, the young woman has developed the requisite meditative mind that has allowed her to stop over-thinking and “just do it” when it is her time to shine. Confidence has been catalyzed, as her competence and comfort with herself has come through her commitment to her craft.
This sharing of her life’s passion and possibly purpose, poured out as a result of posing my pondering as to how this petite person could possibly be empowered enough to produce a play. Haley McKenney had contacted me about her desire to run a Theater Arts summer camp for grade 6-12 here. We had had The Bay Players here putting on plays for a few years and I dug those dudes in my digs. I have also retained a friend from those years in Larry Loveridge, whom has often brainstormed with me about getting guys and gals of the Theater Arts back in The Zone. So when Haley met with me just after a day of teaching tots at Tumblefun, I felt like we may have begun a new run. Even a few of my early adolescent Karate students overheard our conversation and giggled about their Gong Fu going Kung Fu Panda as a possibility.
Ms. McKenney intends to run the Theater Arts camp on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6/15 – 8/10 at 10:30 to noon and present a show on the evenings of 8/12 & 13. Haley will help young actors and actresses develop theater skills through social games. Team building in partner and small group experiences will be a core component of her curriculum. I could not help but to reflect to Haley as to how our Arts can manifest in such dissimilar shapes and also have the common core of creativity as the craft. It also seems to me that Haley has that “just because” essence that is essential to creatively crafting a career in the Arts. That “just because” is what I call the “calling’. In Chinese Taiji Qigong theory and practice, calm consciousness of the core will create the space for Heaven’s mandate to manifest. Once one has received one’s mandate, the Gong (work) needs to get going and then Heaven will support. It appears clear to me that Ms. McKenney has her mandate, has been manifesting and is finding the support for the fulfillment of her life’s calling here on Earth. As Haley’s will further aligns herself and her work with God’s will, maybe you will too. Contact her at 781-264-1003 if Haley’s “comet” and commitment is in connection with your core and course.