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Roger Whidden's blog

The Arts for Art Sakes

She is silent as she searches her soul for the sounds that may make sense. Though quite intelligent and well versed at being in touch with her inner wisdom, the words are a bit awkward in winding their way out. The theater director alludes to personal experiences in her past.

There’s No Place Like Om

A click of the heels, a settling of the heels, a digging in of the heels and a breath through the heels produces the well healed feeling of being well heeled.

Nature & Nurture - Breathe & Hydrate

Breathing deep and quenching one’s thirst with water happens naturally while on hiking adventures. The purity of the air we inspire and water we ingest are the two most essential elements that nurture our aliveness. Land that is set aside for no and low impact use is vital for clean air and water.